A Must Have Item For Your Home Gym! Ben Pakulski MI40 Review, Art Comics Culture Weblog

You love to train intense and are looking for a way to push yourself harder. Stop trying to break through your plateaus with a workout plan that was meant for beginners or loading up the bar with as much weight as possible to show off for the girl on the treadmill. We’ve all been there including me going to the gym working hard but wondering if you’re actually making progress.

Over the years I’ve tried several workout plans but recently one of my training partners brought up the MI40 program he had found put together by IFBB pro Ben Pakulski “The thinking man’s bodybuilder” who says ” The more you know the more you grow”. He and I decided to work through it together and track our progress along the way. I would like to share the progress we made with it and my opinion on whether it’s worth using.

A Must Have Item For Your Home Gym! Ben Pakulski MI40 Review, Art Comics Culture Weblog

What is Ben Pakulski Mi40 Details!

As with many workout plans, Ben Pakulski Mi40 comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It’s always worth trying something you can get a refund on. The Ben Pakulski Mi40 program includes a training manual, nutrition manual, instructive workout videos, exercise execution guide, workout tracking sheets and calendar, supplement stacking protocol, and finally an audio interview where Ben talks about the lesser-known strategies of building muscle.

This sounds like a lot and it is! I have to say that I have never seen a more clearly demonstrated outlined guide on how to do each exercise and the reason behind it. The program focuses on high-intensity volume, using techniques involving the inward and outward force applied by your grip during the exercise. This technique generates a completely different feel as well as increases the difficulty of the exercise. Expect to work hard with this 40-day program.

What to Expect

I do not recommend Ben Pakulski Mi40 for beginners this program is geared towards intermediate – advanced lifters. The training partner I was testing the program with had difficulty with the intensity of the workouts and I have to say I was surprised when I was going through it as well. Expect to push through some mental pain barriers and really focus on the tension of the muscle during the exercises.

I’ve always been a fan of Ben’s professional bodybuilding history in the IFBB. He is one of the most down to earth competitors on stage. He genuinely wants to help others and is extremely motivating. Even if you don’t end up trying out MI40 I encourage you to check out his Facebook page and the official page as you may find some motivation yourself.

A Must Have Item For Your Home Gym! Ben Pakulski MI40 Review, Art Comics Culture Weblog

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How does Ben Pakulski Mi40 work?

The two key components to the workout plans are Ben Pakulski Mi40 “Intentions” and “NOS”. Intentions are the specific techniques that cause the muscle to fire in a different way and to completely focus on the tension in that muscle during the exercise. This allows the use of less weight with increased efficiency. NOS stands for neurological overload sets. MI40 uses these sets as the final push to completely exhaust the muscle on a given exercise.

By dropping the weight subsequently on the final set performing reps with a 4-second negative and a 1-second positive you will never leave the gym feeling like you didn’t give it everything you had. This last set will take some serious willpower believe me. Ben has discovered this new version of the drop set through his scientific background in kinesiology and biomechanics.

Pros of Ben Pakulski Mi40

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Ben Pakulski has more experience than you could ever hope for as an author of a workout plan.
  • Unique twists to exercises as well as scientific and experienced-based knowledge contribute to this well-thought-out program.
  • Clear instructions on exercise techniques.
  • Excellent price for the quality and quantity of material you receive.

Cons of Ben Pakulski Mi40

  • Will prove very difficult for a beginner due to the intensity of the workouts and the mind-muscle connection the workout plans require.
  • Will require about 10 structured hours a week to accomplish what the program asks. This includes workouts, cardio, and nutrition.

My Experience 

A Must Have Item For Your Home Gym! Ben Pakulski MI40 Review, Art Comics Culture Weblog

I tested the program out with my training partner however I will cover my experience with it exclusively in this MI40 review. The first week resulted in a lot of soreness in the days following a workout because I was unaccustomed to the volume. It was fun being able to push through the pain barriers on the final sets. At the end of the second week I noticed that my muscles were feeling a lot more full than normal. The pump was really enjoyable.

I was also mastering the specialized techniques to increase the amount of tension the muscle was feeling. The final weeks of the program are truly intense but definitely worth it as this is when I saw the biggest increases in my lifts. As for the nutrition, it was easy for me to adjust to his specified meal timing as I’m used to a structured plan. I enjoyed pushing myself with the workout plans but I’m also glad I found this program because of the knowledge I gained from Ben.

Ben Pakulski Mi40 Conclusion

I want to wish Ben good luck this year at the Olympia and thank you for the experience and also to remind everyone that with any workout plan you will get out what you put in. Ben Pakulski Mi40 gives you all of the tools to succeed but at the end of the day, it’s the EFFORT that you put into better yourself that makes the biggest impact. Check out Ben’s page for the Ben Pakulski Mi40 program and some motivation from a true legend in the bodybuilding industry Ben Pakulski Mi40.

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A Must Have Item For Your Home Gym! Ben Pakulski MI40 Review, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Ben Pakulski Mi40 By Ben Pakulski

A Must Have Item For Your Home Gym! Ben Pakulski MI40 Review, Art Comics Culture Weblog

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