Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs: Fun and Educational Games for Dogs

New Review: Brain Training for Dogs is an online Book and Videos that provide an Obedience Training Guide to develop your Dog’s Brain and stimulate him mentally in order to increase his intelligence and ability to understand dog obedience commands easily. Scam or Legit?

This dog training System is designed by Adrienne Farricelli, a highly reputable dog trainer, famous for her effective and efficient dog brain standards, systems, and processes. She has created this instructional and informative canine Training PDF Book with valuable dog games and obedience videos.

In this Brain Training for Dogs Review, before giving any rating for this Adrienne Farricelli’s system, let’s discover this training program and see if it is worth money or this Brain Training for Dogs is another scam?

We’ll discover that this do-it-yourself downloadable Book is a one of a kind tool that uses “Foundation Style” training, which they claim to be the basis of the current national standard of brain training K9s. Can this canine training Book reveal how to correct dog behavior problems?

Although we didn’t find any relevant evidence that can prove this claim, we find that this e-training Brain Program is effective because it customizes the obedience training style based on games and dog’s personality and issues, using dog’s brain stimulation. Overall, it is a mixture between reward-based and correctional-based instructions, an interesting concoction that can be rewarding for both parties.

What is Brain Training for Dogs?

Did you know that more intelligent dogs are better behaved? Backed by science, this unique program will tap into your dog’s mental capacity. Before you know it, problematic behaviors will fade away. Covering everything from hyperactivity to chewing, jumping to potty training, you will learn how to train your dog without using ANY force.

By working through each brain-training puzzle and exercise, your dog will become more obedient, all while benefiting their mental health and overall vitality. Start your dog in preschool and your way all the way up to the ‘Genius’ level. Strengthen your bond and discover your dog’s secret inner intelligence today!

About the Creator of the Program

A certified dog trainer, Adrienne Farricelli has been working as a professional trainer for more than a decade. She has an extensive and highly impressive resume and is proudly certified by both the Canine Consultants and the Italian Association for Dog Trainers. Over the years, she has developed unique and effective strategies that have brought her global recognition. She has been featured in dozens of online publications and continues to help dogs and their owners from both near and far.

What to Expect From Brain Training for Dogs

The moment you enter the member’s area, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of information you receive. All of the content is perfectly organized so that you can sort through the plethora of content available to you.

If at any point you want to return to the Home area, you will see “Course Home” and you can also click on “Getting Started” to learn more about the program’s structure. This will help you better understand all of the information you have access to and how to make the most out of your dog training experience — both for you and your canine companion.

Easy to navigate, you will immediately notice the top menu which includes the following sections:

Starting with Dog Training & Courses this drop-down menu begins with Obedience 101 and Polishing Up On Training. When you click on either of these options, you will be brought to the related content. For example, for the obedience content, you will instantly access eight sections, including “lie down” and “drop it.”

Next up, Polishing Up Training, offers five sections on various topics, including Verbal Cues and Simplifying Hand Signals. These are wrapped up with the main Brain Training for Dogs section, which is broken down into five modules. This content in itself is worth the money — yet it is just the tip of the iceberg. Followed by even more informative content, you will truly begin to understand your dog and the role of guided training.

If you have a young pup, then Puppy Training is literally a gold mine. Starting with Potty Training, you be given seven effective strategies that you can begin to implement today. Next up, is Socializing, which focuses on a suggested timeline. This is followed by information on Bite Inhibition, Life Stages, and much more.

When it comes to possible Behavior Problems, NOTHING is left out. You will be provided with an extensive list of problematic behaviors, including everything from aggression to barking, whining to anxiety. Each and every behavior is explained in immense detail. For example, the ‘Barking’ section offers seven informative sections alone. The “Psychological” section offers an additional eleven supporting sections. With over ten behaviors to browse, you can then focus your attention on either puppies or senior dogs.

As you navigate through the website platform, you will also gain access to Adrienne’s Archives, Case Studies, the Members’ Forum, and SO much more. The private forum is especially popular, as you will be able to interact with other like-minded dog owners.

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The Tops Benefits of Brain Training for Dogs

As soon as you access this program, you will immediately notice how easy it is to navigate from one section to the next. Although there is more information available to you than you can possibly imagine, you will never feel overwhelmed. The members-only platform is so well-organized, helping you move through the program step-by-step.

Written by a highly credible dog trainer, you know that you will be taking positive action. Best of all, each and every method is a no-force remedy. As you learn to work with your dog, your bond will strengthen and their behaviors will significantly improve. It truly is a win-win scenario!

No matter what behavioral issue your dog has or their age, you will be able to intervene. You will learn so much about your dog and in the process, you will benefit their health and mental vitality. Not only will you gain access to a MASSIVE amount of information, but you will also benefit from personalized support.

In Summary

If you think your dog is stubborn or difficult, think again! Brain Training for Dogs offers the exact formulas that Adrienne uses when working with her clients. A MUST for any dog lover, this program will not only improve your dog’s behaviors but also their health and mental wellbeing.

See what all the fuss is about, you have nothing to lose! In fact, you will receive a 60-day money back guarantee, offering greater peace-of-mind. Order your copy of Brain Training for Dogs to benefit both you and your canine friend today!

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