Carpal Tunnel Master And Beyond. Self-Help for Hands

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Carpal Tunnel Master And Beyond Review Self Help for Hands

The Carpal Tunnel Master has been developed by a licensed massage therapist who goes by the name of Hilma Volk.

The author of the Carpal Tunnel Master exclusively comes up with steps that will help you in knowing what your problems may be and finding the most suitable ways to fix them. The formulated program does not include the use of drugs, surgery, clunky gadgets, drugs, cortisone or gizmos.

Such a program will help you in the prevention and elimination of carpal tunnel syndrome naturally. Adapting such a program will also eradicate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. When using this product, there will be no need of special equipment. According to Hilma Volk, this program has aided numbers of people all over the world to overcome certain painful conditions, hence a peaceful living.

The Carpal Tunnel Master self- treatment is made up of some series of videos developed in a very clear structure. The video series is broken down into two 2 parts. Such a video gives you the knowledge on how to adapt the different methods so as to recover in the fastest way possible. Some deep details will be offered to you, and it will be of great importance to you.

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How The Carpal Tunnel Master Works?

The program contains advanced information regarding the best ways of getting rid of carpal tunnel syndrome, forever. Some of the most significant features of the program include;

1. The program allows you to understand the root cause of the carpal tunnel problem and the effective way of dealing with it.

2. The Carpal Tunnel Master gives you a clear understanding of the carpal tunnel problem in terms of how the forearm muscles move the fingers and the function of the tendons and how they function.

3. The program is well suited for those who play tennis since the game involves frequent movements of the wrist.

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How Much It Costs.

The program as we have well seen is worth the investment. For consulting doctor, you have to pay about $200 to $ 500. Additionally, you may seek to get the program for only $47. This program’s will help you to eliminate Carpal Tunnel syndrome forever.

Benefits Of Program

Carpal Tunnel Master And Beyond Review

A sufferer of the carpal Tunnel syndrome was interviewed after having used this program. He came out to say that the program has both physical and mental benefits to any patient out there.

You don’t need to have any special equipment when using this product.

The content of the product is well structured in that it is easy to understand and hence outside help won’t be necessary.

No side effects. The methods used are all natural, therefore you won’t suffer from any side effects, which is sometimes the case with using drugs.

The program has other unexpected benefits besides helping with carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of them include relieving jaw pains, eliminating headaches, controlling sore forearms, among other benefits.

When you get to follow the instructions of the author, you don’t need the help of a physical therapist. You also don’t need any massage.

You will have saved on the money that you would have used to get treatment from a doctor.

By following the advice presented to you, you will be able to do your different activities including riding your bike, playing your piano, knitting and gardening.

The program is user-friendly since you can make use of the product without any hassle, from the comfort of your home. Moreover, the program brings long-term effects, thus carpal tunnel syndrome will be a thing of the past.

Any Guarantee?

The Carpal Tunnel Master comes with a 60 day 100% guarantee. What this means is that if you happen to dislike the product, you can return it to the seller and get 100% refund of your money. If you desire to save on money used in surgery and medicine, then the Program, will be the best option you have.

Customer Reviews And Scores.

According to many marketing websites, the carpal tunnel program has been receiving high ratings. Basically, this is due to the benefits received by the users of the program. There are many positive reviews online and I was able to come across a comment on the Internet which was stunning.

“Ever since I started to use this program, I have witnessed great changes in my body. I might not be fully cured, but I am about to fully recover from the Carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Full Package of This Product

When purchasing the program, you will also be offered bonus videos and other bonus items. The bonus videos cover various procedures that are greatly recommended by physical therapists for the cure of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Customer Support.

The founder of the program, Hilma Volk, has also formulated a customer support method. If you happen to have any question about the product, you can email Hilma Volk through his address contact at You can drop any burning question when using the address and you will get the answers you need.

In fact, there are some physical exams for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The physical exam involves the doctor examining the hands, wrists, neck and arms and making comparisons of both sides. Examine the movement and strength of your thumb by checking through your grip on objects. Check for any problems in your neck. You can have your doctor examine you for any neck- related problem.

The tests use for carpal tunnel syndrome include;

1.Tinel’s sign test

The test involves the doctor tapping the on the inside of your wrist over the median nerve. If you happen to feel some “electrical shock’ tingling sensations, numbness, then you may be having the carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. Phalen’s sign test

This test entails holding your arm in front of you then flexing your wrist, while making the hands hang down for about 60 seconds. If you feel any kind of numbness, tingling sensation or even pain, then you may be having the carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Two-point discrimination test

Two – point discrimination test is mostly used when the carpal tunnel syndrome is perceived to be so severe. However, it is not very accurate when testing for Carpal tunnel syndrome. When performing the test, the doctor will close your eyes, then using small instruments like tips of two paper clips, he/she will touch certain points on your finger or hand.

The importance of the exam

Through the exam, you will know whether the symptoms you are having are due to the compression of the median nerve as it goes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist, hence the carpal tunnel syndrome.



If no sign of numbness, tingling sensation or pain are found, then the person is normal and doesn’t have the carpal tunnel syndrome.


You are considered abnormal if the Tinel’s sign and Phalen’s tests happen to cause certain numbness, tingling and pain in the hand.

Customer Reviews And Scores

Customer ratings normally tell a lot about a product and the program is no exception. The program has received high ratings and that is a proof that the program is very efficient and suitable for people who are going through the carpal tunnel syndromes was able to come across a cement which actually made me know more about the product. The comment was from a customer who came out to say ” This is what I was looking for, exactly want o was looking for. The program is easily understandable and works well for me. Personally, I would reconnect the use of the program to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome.


The Carpal Tunnel Master program is very ideal when dealing with Carpal tunnel syndrome. The disorder is not pleasant at all and using the program can be your best breakthrough in dealing with this condition. What are you waiting for? Make an effort of having the program as of today.

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