An Honest Children Learning Reading Review. Amazing Reading Program Parents Love, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Do You Want To Know How To Teach Your Child To Read In Just 12 Weeks?

Well… there’s no one better to show you other than Jim Yang, founder of one of the most popular programs for kids reading, Children Learning Reading.

Reading is very crucial skill that kids need to learn from very early age. Why? Reading is IMPORTANT for learning other subjects. Whether it is learning from books, magazine, workbooks from the teacher, or from the blackboard, reading skill is a must.

How can you answer the question about maths, social studies or science if you don’t have the proper reading skill? It’s impossible…Right? Yes, it is crucial to teach your child to read from an early age instead of just depending on schools

An Honest Children Learning Reading Review. Amazing Reading Program Parents Love, Art Comics Culture Weblog

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How To Get Your Children To Read?

Although there are plenty of ways to encourage your children to read books, but I had great experience of using Jim’s Children Learning Reading program. This program is such an amazing kid reading program that I have taught my four children to read with it, and as a teacher, I am still using it to teach my students between 3 to 8 years to read.

If you are undecided about Jim’s program, then this review will help you in answering your questions that will able you to decide.

If you are still not sure if Children Learning Reading is worth the money (it is less than monthly school’s fees) even after reading this review then there’s always a free eBook that you can download to teach your child to read.

What You Get Inside Children Learning Reading?

This program is available in two versions, the Standard Package and the Premium Package. The Standard Package contains main lessons, and Premium Package contains everything that included in Standard Package along with other extras that further improve your child’s reading skill.

The Standard Package :

In the standard package you will get:

  • Stage 1 Step-by-Step Lessons
  • Stage 1 Lesson Stories
  • Stage 2 Step-by-Step Lessons (Advanced)
  • Stage 2 Lessons Stories (Advanced)
  • The Most Common Sight Words
  • Letter Sound and Mp3 Audio Clips
  • Children Favorite Nursery Rhymes
  • Free Lifetime Updates & 12-week counseling

The Premium Package :

The premium package includes everything from the Standard Package along with:

Children Lessons and Videos  A set of DVD containing a journey of author Jim and his wife Elena Yang on how they teach reading skill and how to speak English to their 2.5 years toddler Ethan in 12 weeks

Children Learning Reading Video Course  This video course contains everything that you need to know about this program along with important tips that you can use to teach your child how to read and speak English effortlessly.

Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons  Stage 2 is more advanced containing 22 lessons, but author put everything in one place so you (the parent) can print out with just a click of the button.

Stage 2 Rhymes  Kids quickly pick up lessons when things are colorful. This bonus provides rhymes that is available in Stage two in color.

Many kid reading systems charge 100s of dollars but still fail to deliver any noticeable results. On the other hand, Children Learning Reading by Jim Yang charges affordable fees yet provide all tools that are easy to understand and implement.

We highly recommend the premium package to parents who want their children to learn reading quickly and fluently.

An Honest Children Learning Reading Review. Amazing Reading Program Parents Love, Art Comics Culture Weblog

What Is Children Learning Reading All About?

Jim’s Children Learning Reading is a comprehensive step-by-step program that improves your child reading ability quickly and efficiently. This program uses phonics and phonemic technique that make your child become a fast and fluent reader in just 12 weeks.

Jim’s program divided into two stages, and these two stages further divided into 50 shorts lessons that gradually take your non-reading child to start understanding letters, phrases, and sentences then read rhymes, stories, novels quickly and fluently.

Oxford University, Department of Education states that the most crucial age for child development is first seven years with reading function peaks at 2 to 3 years of age. With the help of this program, you can take maximum advantage of these years and help in your child’s academic development.

This program contains all the PDFs, audios and videos that can make reading and learning process easy for your child. Many parents who have used this program see their children achieve greater development in their reading skills with just a few minutes of reading every day.

An Honest Children Learning Reading Review. Amazing Reading Program Parents Love, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Why Children Learning Reading Program

his step-by-step program contains a unique combination of two simple and scientifically proven methods to make your child read quickly and fluently. These two proven methods are Phonics and Phonemes.

For parents who don’t know, Phonics and Phonemes are two common and proven methods to improve reading skills. You as a parent don’t have to worry about these methods because Jim has already done all the hard work and he makes an easy-to-understand process that your child will love.

Here is how these two methods work:


Phonics is the main technique for improving reading ability. This method will help your child to understand the relationship between the alphabets and the sounds of the word. With this method, your child will start recognizing the SOUND of the word and able to speak it easily and confidently.


A phoneme is the smallest unit of the sound that combines with another phoneme unit to make a meaningful word. Take the example of two words ‘rip’ and ‘lip’ the only difference between the words are the units /r/ and /l/.

Although, the English language has 26 alphabets but, there are 44 Phonemes and more than 1700 ways of pronouncing them.

Once your child starts understanding the core principle of these two methods, it will become easier to map words and speak words confidently. With strong practice, your child will reach a stage where he or she can process any new word without any trouble.

Pros Of Children Learning Reading

Easy To Understand:

Many parents think their children are too young to pick the books. However, once they introduce Children Learning Reading to their children, they realize how wrong they were for not introducing it before.

The great advantage of this program is, the author has provided everything, and there is no guesswork required from your side. You will be amazed how quickly your children will start liking books and start picking up reading skill.

You will find audio clips the will help your child to pronounce various phonemes in the right way. While in the premium package, you will get the option to download videos that show step-by-step methods on how Jim Yang used this program to develop reading skills in his children.

Positive Feedbacks From Parents:

Many parents have used this program to develop reading skills in their children, and they found it effective. These parents have posted their positive feedbacks on different sites and forums.

Most of the parents who used this program see remarkable results in two to four weeks. However, I suggest you don’t keep any time frame in your mind as some children pick reading skills quicker than other children do.

Once you utilize this program, you will see a great change in your child’s reading ability and the way he approaches literature.

Short and Engaging Lessons:

Children around two years may or may not like reading books, but the lessons of this program are short and engaging that attract young minds. Author has used this program himself to teach reading skills to their children with great success.

If your child is around 2 to 5 years, then you should introduce these lessons as it will attract his mind and it will help him in school as well.

Budget-Friendly Option:

Many parents who utilize this program and in their positive reviews they have posted this is one of their best investments they made on their children. Children Learning Reading program is the safe investment that you can make on your children to develop the most important academic skill that is READING.

We don’t call it cheap but considering other reading programs; this is an affordable option. This program contains lessons, audios, and videos, we can think the cost can be more than $85, but it is not. The premium package cost less than that, and I feel this is the best investment you can make on your children.

However, if you are on a short budget, then you can consider purchasing a standard package.

Cons Of Children Learning Reading

Results May Vary:

Ask any parent about when their children start reading, and they tell you different period. Every child is different, and some pick up reading skill quickly than other
children. It is good to don’t keep any time frame in your mind and focus on following this program, and you will be amazed with your child progress.

Not For Bust Parents:

This course needs efforts from parents as well. If you are really busy, and you can’t arrange even 15 minutes from your schedule, then I suggest you skip this
program. Lessons are not that long, but they need efforts to show results.

An Honest Children Learning Reading Review. Amazing Reading Program Parents Love, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Final Verdict

Based on my experience, I can say Jim’s program is hands down the best child reading program that you can get.

Many child learning programs available on the internet but none of them can come close to the Jim’s success rate in helping parents in teaching the vital skill of READING to their children.

If you are looking for complete children reading program, then this is it. This program goes way beyond Phonics and Phonemes, giving you every tool that you can use to make your child a quick and better reader.

After completing Children Learning Reading system, you will amaze with how well your child is reading book. I strongly recommend you to get the premium package if you want to ensure your child is getting the best possible start that you can offer.

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