Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench 2.0. Guaranteed to Add Weight Plates, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Mike Westerdal developed The Critical Bench 2.0 out of a personal need to develop his own upper body strength and mass.

At the early age of fifteen, when Mike was at his own developmental stage of life, he realized his personal confidence and goals required having a muscular tone and physique.

Mike’s football coach was an advocate of bench training, however, Mike realized that the postures and techniques being taught at the time were inadequate to provide the results he desired.

Agreeing that bench training is a core exercise which improves your body more than other traditional exercises, Mike researched every available program and technique to build the now acclaimed Critical Bench Program.

What is the Critical Bench 2.0?

The bench is the perfect trainer for developing upper body strength and with proper techniques exercises every muscle in the body even hips and legs.

Improper use of the bench results in inadequate use of critical muscle groups. Lack of results often lead to frustration with the bench as a valuable muscle building tool.

The Critical Bench 2.0 is based on bench exercises using increased weight on a steady basis over a ten week time frame. This program shows you how to properly press the weight for maximum effect.

With the techniques of Critical Bench you can build strength and mass while steadily increasing the amount of weight lifted. The program is structured to spend four or five days a week at the bench, spending as little as an hour on your customized program.

Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench 2.0. Guaranteed to Add Weight Plates, Art Comics Culture Weblog

How does it work?

All workouts can be performed in the privacy of your home, without the expense of gym memberships, expensive equipment or trainers.

The program can be started immediately and is completely portable, perfect for the military man or occupations where gyms are not readily available.

This theory is based on stressing your body progressively, with increasing weight. Natural, safe and consistent conditioning with this program allows you to gain strength thus building muscle.

Muscle burns more calories than fat, more muscle less fat provides a strong lean physique. Mike discovered that routine static workouts do not provide the stress required for the body to produce growth hormone’s needed to build muscle fast.

The Critical Bench 2.0 provides a roadmap to success with proper lifting techniques, graduated weight increases, mental conditioning and adequate periods of rest between workouts.

In just ten short weeks you can increase your lifting power by 50 pounds or more with the added benefits of increasing health, developing muscle and reducing body fat.

Critical Bench 2.0 The results are addictive, the immediate response of your body to the exercises will keep you engaged. This program is the answer for men who are serious about developing and maintaining a leaner more muscled body with the added strength that bodybuilding alone will not provide.

There are no magical diets, expensive supplements or complicated equipment required with this program, all that is required is desire, dedication and the proper workout.

What is included in the Critical Bench 2.0 program?

Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench 2.0. Guaranteed to Add Weight Plates, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Mike Westerdal shares the Three Critical Components of the program:

One: The Master Manual is a six part detailed instruction book. Starting with weight-lifting terminology, nutrition and information on supplements, each section covers material in detail.

The next section discusses mental toughness and mindset suggestions get you motivated for the perfect bench. A chapter on safe and efficient techniques, including critical warm ups demonstrate how to work out avoiding injury and pain.

The manual explains program theory, the importance of varied workouts to keep your body from becoming accustomed and stagnant to the same daily routine.

The order of routines is explained and how they prepare each muscle group to support the next exercise. Included are illustrations of bench positions showing the proper form in order to gain maximum results with your lifts.

Two: Customized Training Logs guide you with incremental increases from 100 to 500 pounds using workout charts with small five pound increases.

Goals start with your current lifting weight, desired results and progress tracking. Weekly Progress Tracking reflects your results giving encouragement and pointing out areas where you can personalize your workout to gain maximum benefit.

Three: Bench Press fundamentals Online DVD is presented with professional lifting personalities sharing their tips and techniques.

Additional material explains the basics and dispels common myths about body building. This video gives demonstrations about how to get the most of the instructions and exercises explained in the Manual and Training Logs.

In addition to the basic three components the program comes with invaluable bonuses: “The Critical Deload Routine”(how to give muscles and joints the proper time to react, grow and recoup between workouts), “Critical Conversations with Elite Iron Warriors”, “Critical Exercise Guide” and “In-Depth Report on Creatine’s Usage in Sports.”

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Pros Of Critical Bench 2.0

  • Reading through the small number of pages that explain the The Critical Bench Program 2.0 should be a breeze, especially considering that most of the pages discuss the 7-day training regimen that focuses on a specific muscle group each day, with 2 days off, which is the program’s primary component. 
  • Effectively designed and crafted to considerably improve the power of various supporting muscles like those of the back, triceps, and shoulders as a major part of ultimately strengthening your chest muscles and thus increasing your bench press capabilities.
  • Includes advice on how proper nutrition combined with exercise can accelerate your rate of muscular growth and improve your strength.
  • Allows one to split their training days according to their busy schedules.
  • Discusses many common bench press mistakes as well as how to avert them and prevent injuries while making faster improvement. 
  • Guarantees results as long as you strictly adhere to all guidelines.
  • Every exercise movement, no matter how small, is described down to the last detail with precise data on the exact weight to lift and the number of repetitions. This is so as to avoid any mistakes that may throw you off course.
  • Contains several supplemental exercises to choose from, each with varying levels of intensity.
  • Allows for training with partners.
  • Designed with rest days included to allow for the full recovery of all muscles utilized in the bench press prior to your next workout session.
  • The program’s creator is available to provide unlimited 24-hour live and email feedback and guidance to provide prompt answers to all your queries.
  • Critical Bench Program 2.0 comes with an unmatched and highly convenient 60-day money-back guarantee to swiftly refund those who feel that the program does not make the grade upon the expiry of this trial period.

Cons Of Critical Bench 2.0

  • Sticking to the rigorous 10-week program will take a lot of dedication and mental focus on your part and you must be willing to push your body and mind to their limits. 
  • A single misstep can lead to injuries and affect your morale and self-esteem. More so, if you don’t follow the program’s instructions to the letter.
  • There is an ever-increasing number of competing products that have similarities the Critical Bench Program 2.0.
  • The program is only available online at Critical Bench Program 2.0’s official website and cannot be obtained in local retailers. This can be inconvenient for those without internet access.

Does the Product Work?

Mike Westerdal&#8217;s Critical Bench 2.0. Guaranteed to Add Weight Plates, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Testimonials on the website www.criticalbench.com show before and after pictures of real life program users who don’t hesitate to include their personal contact information.

Typical results, show an average increase of 20 pounds of bench weight with the use of the first round of techniques. An increase in bench as little as 20 pounds normally results in 10 pounds of muscle weight.

These testimonials show men with permanent lasting attractive changes in appearance, some from punching bag to muscle man.

The program has sold over 32,000 copies of The Critical Bench 2.0 in the last ten years and is backed by an “Iron-Clad Sixty Day Money-Back Guarantee”.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the product?

Regardless of your current situation, if you have never used a bench before or if you are stuck on your current workout with no improvement, you have nothing to lose by trying The Critical Bench 2.0 Program.


If you have the determination and self-motivation to invest only 50 hours of your life in your future you should try this program.

Not only will you increase your bench you will get the added benefits of a great looking body, increased respect, self-confidence and ability.

Imagine in only 10 weeks you could be the toughest athlete on the team, the shirtless dude on the beach or fearless rather than fearful Critical Bench 2.0 Don’t you owe it to yourself?

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Mike Westerdal&#8217;s Critical Bench 2.0. Guaranteed to Add Weight Plates, Art Comics Culture Weblog

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