Forex Trend Detector EA Review The Only EA on The Market Used by Professional Traders and Money Managers

Forex Trend Detector is an automated Forex software for Metatrader-4, the EA is compatible with all MT4 brokers and all brokers using the ECN-type order fulfilment. The Forex Trend Detector uses tight management and profit protection via several filters. The system is designed to trade very selectively by accepting only trades with high Reward/Risk Ratio. The success of the EA is based on a volatility breakout strategy that is programmed to validate and to trade the breakout signs via statistical techniques and years of analysis in raw market data. Recommended setup includes a PC with 2 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, and operating system one of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

The Only EA on The Market Used by Professional Traders and Money Managers

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What Forex Trend Detector Algoritmh?

The Forex robot program is designed to trade exclusively EURUSD in the M5 chart but it can trades other Forex pairs as well. In the core of Forex Trend Detector EA is a polynomial algorithm programmed to adjust its parameters in real-time. There are many filters incorporated such is spread and slippage control, tight management and a drawdown compensation algorithm.

The Expert Advisor is programmed to open 10 trades maximum in the direction of the market impulse in at least 5 minute intervals. All trades will be protected by using tight management system (tight stop-losses and fair trailing-stops). In case of a false breakout, trades which will be closed at about 35 pips loss.

The Volatile Breakout Strategy:

  • It is based on a sequence of market observations and trading actions that signify a tendency in the market
  • It recognizes when a volatile market is closing to an end
  • It identifies the volatility borders bracketing the dominant market trend
  • Executes trades based on predicted price levels when the breakout occurs

Forex Trend Detector Parameters

The Expert Advisor automatically detects if a Forex broker offers four-digit quotes or five-digit quotes. Here are the most important settings of the EA.

Forex Trend Detector Algoritmh The Only EA on The Market Used by Professional Traders and Money Managers

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Forex Trend Detector General Settings

Magic – this parameter allows the Forex Trend Detector to recognize its own positions without mixing its action with other systems in the same account

Backtest_GMT_Offset – this parameter adjust the EA time with your Forex broker server’s time in order to back-test the robot properly

MaxSpread – the maximum spread the Forex robot is allowed to trade (by default 4-digit pips), partial values may be entered

MaxSlippage – the maximum slippage the Forex robot is allowed to trade (by default 4-digit pips), partial values may be entered

StealthMode (true/false) –if TRUE the EA hides Stop-Loss and Take-Profit orders from your Forex broker

RecoveryMode (true/false) – if TRUE the RecoveryMode is designed to compensates drawdowns by increasing trading lots

RecoveryMultiplier – this parameter is used along with the RecoveryMode, the standard setting is 1.05 and that means that the Expert Advisor will increase the next trade by 1.05 until the loss is fully recovered

FixedLots – defines the extent of the fixed volume

AutoMM – activates the automatic risk management

AutoMM_Max – defines the max allowed risk expressed as a percentage of the account (calculated on a basis of 100 pip)

MaximalLots – defines the maximum allowed lots the Expert Advisor is allowed to trade

MaxTrades – defines the maximum allowed trades the Expert Advisor is allowed to execute

CustomTakeProfit – defines the custom Take Profit value

CustomStopLoss – defines the custom Stop Loss value

TrailingStop –defines the Trailing Stop value

StartTrailStop – defines the min profit of the position in pips, on which the Trailing Stop will apply

SafeExitMinutes – enters time in minutes, after which the position will be closed

SafeProfit – profit/loss in pips on which the trade will be forced to close

Pros of The Forex Trend Detector

  • Easy-installation and User Guide .PDF
  • Forex Trend Detector is designed to adapt automatically to any market conditions (no need for optimization)
  • The Algorithm uses a high Reward / Risk ratio and tight stop-loss orders and that means less risk
  • Forex Trend Detector incorporates Spread & Slippage Control plus Profit Protection
  • Start trading with $100 (the recommended deposit is above $1,000)
  • Forex Trend Detector offers two (2) months Money Back Guarantee
  • Customer support in 24/7 basis

Cons of The Forex Trend Detector

  • Forex Trend Detector is programmed to trade only EURUSD
  • A little bit expensive


The EA is programmed to trade exclusively EURUSD in M5 and offers many interesting features. One of the key advantages of this automated software is its ability to take advantage of volatile market conditions and cope with risk at the same time. The EA focus on its long-term performance by trading selectively and by using high Reward/Risk ratio. The Forex Trend Detector costs $207 and that price includes one (1) Real Account license and two Demo Account licenses plus lifetime updates Forex Trend Detector.

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Get The Complete Forex Trend Detector  For Just $197! The Only EA on The Market Used by Professional Traders and Money Managers

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