Metabolic Cooking Review – Insider Look Into The Recipe Cookbook

Metabolic Cooking could be the solution to boring weight loss diet regimens. It’s a complete nutrition and cooking guide packed with a lot of delicious and appetizing meals. What’s more special is that these meals help you with your weight loss and fat burning efforts.

Metabolic Cooking Review – Insider Look Into The Recipe Cookbook

This is not a simple cookbook or a list of recipes. The program’s list of recipes rivals any other professional cookbook out there. It also serves a whole range of dishes that are fit for all occasions.

The main idea behind Metabolic Cooking is dishes with high thermogenic properties. That is, it doesn’t serve food with low calories to prevent weight gain. Instead, Metabolic Cooking shows recipes that increases metabolism to increase fat burning. It’s a slight distinction but the latter is healthier, easier to go through, and less restrictive.

Metabolic Cooking comes from the fitness culinary team of Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. They actually have similar core backgrounds – fitness professionals with great culinary skills. In the fitness industry, Dave is famous as “The Muscle Cook.” Karine’s nickname is the “Lean Kitchen Queen.” Both nicknames earned, deserved, and solidified by their appearances in several fitness media. Famous media like “Men’s Health,” “Muscle Mag,” and “Iron Man Magazine,” among other places.

Table of Contents

What’s Inside Metabolic Cooking

The main component of the whole program is the cookbook set. It comes in 9 separate e-books, each refers to a certain category of fat burning recipes. The categories included in this set are “Breakfast,” “Sides,” “Red Meat,” “Chicken & Poultry,” “Vegetarian,” “Snacks,” “Smoothies,” “Pork,” and “Fish & Seafood.”

Every recipe illustrated in the program functions like any other recipe format. You start with a list of ingredients with their respective quantities and measurements. There’s a step-by-step preparation and cooking procedure. Top that with the amount of servings produced by the recipe.

However, Metabolic Cooking edges out other cookbooks. They add nutritional facts and guidelines along each recipe. These are very useful tools to help you keep in track with your weight loss diet goals.

Inside, the “Fat Loss Optimizer Guide” is the one that explains the Metabolic Cooking idea. You’ll start off with some introductory chapters. This gives you more information about the authors. It also provides some background information on food components that affect metabolism. Food components include Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, and Veggies.

Metabolic Cooking Review – Insider Look Into The Recipe Cookbook

The next part details the principles behind Metabolic Cooking. It shows the 10 rules on food and nutrition that guides each Metabolic Cooking recipe. It also contains some actionable steps and necessary tools. You’ll learn how to read “The Metaboli Nutri-Profile” within each recipe. Also, compute for your daily caloric needs. Lastly, set up your meal plan and schedule and make adjustments when necessary.

Once you’re through with the principles, the program would give you several kitchen tips. You’ll start off with food preparation tricks and techniques. Some welcome advice on kitchen equipments come after. This section is ends with money saving tips for purchasing ingredients. Also some ways to maintain your kitchen tools.

The last part talks about some related topics like supplements and exercise. These topics are not discussed in-depth. More like mentioned in passing to give you some awareness. Everything is then wrapped up with some concluding statements from the authors.

Prices and Packages

Metabolic Cooking Ebook PDF Free Download Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cookbook: Guideline to Metabolic ...
$10, The Complete Metabolic Cooking Package
  • “Fat Loss Optimizer Guide” eBook.
  • “Metabolic Cooking” Cookbook Set (9 eBooks).
  • “Metabolic Salad Builder” eGuide.
  • “Thermo-Charged Seasonings” eGuide.
  • Supplements Optimizer” eGuide.
  • “Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets” printable sheets.

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Pros of Metabolic Cooking

  • Amazing product for you if you know your way around the kitchen. More important, if you also want to shed some excess pounds while enjoying good food.
  • Experience the fun of cooking combined with the thrill of eating good food. All these without the consequence of gaining weight and being unhealthy.
  • Can complement your exercise regimen and enhance your existing diet program. It can also serve as a standalone nutrition and diet product.
  • Not a simple recipe cookbook; it’s a complete nutrition and cooking guidebook.
  • Great package with loads of nutritional and recipe information. Also organized in an easy-to-reference program flow.
  • Clear and accurate nutritional profile information on each recipe. This is useful for dieting and weight loss purposes.
  • Great use of pictures and images on the recipes. Adding the visual touch makes the recipes all the more appetizing.
  • Created by an amazing team-up of 2 well-known fitness chefs.
  • Within 24 hours, one of the authors, Dave, replied to our inquiry. Dave himself might not reply when you contact the organization. Yet, you can rest assured that your questions and requests will get a response.

Cons of Metabolic Cooking

  • The concept and validity of thermogenic foods is still up in the air. Foods that can increase your metabolism for weight loss purposes need more studies. So it’s best to pace your expectations accordingly.

Our Metabolic Cooking Verdict

Metabolic Cooking Review – Insider Look Into The Recipe Cookbook

Metabolic Cooking is an interesting cookbook at its very core. It’s also loaded with lots of fat burning recipes. It goes beyond giving you delicious dishes. It moves on towards providing you with complete nutritional and diet advice. As a cookbook bundled with a nutritional guide, Metabolic Cooking offers something unique. That is, compared to standalone cookbooks or typical nutrition and diet guides. In that respect, we give the Metabolic Cooking program a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

The main positive of Metabolic Cooking is it “one-ups” the typical cookbook or nutrition guide. This by combining the best of both worlds together. What we mean is this. Adding Metabolic Nutri-Profiles in each recipe makes Metabolic Cooking better than standard cookbooks.

Also, the amount of delicious, healthy, and fat burning recipes included are way better. That is, compared to the boring and dry meals you get from calorie-deprivation nutritional and dieting programs.

The only knock on this product is that the whole concept of thermogenic foods is still debatable. There are few studies on their effectiveness to affect significant weight loss. Researches show that there are some foods which take more energy to digest and process than the energy they provide. The net effect is weight loss. But the idea can still use some digging into.

Regardless, it would be unwise to pass over Metabolic Cooking. It’s one of the very few products that offer a lot of flexibility. It can stand on its own feet as an individual cookbook. But it also has the ability to enhance any dieting regimen you are already following. This by adding spice to the boring calorie-limiting and taste-deprived meals you follow.

The mouth-watering yet healthy, tasty but fat-burning recipes included in this program debunks the myth that dieting is always supposed to be hard and boring.

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