My Back Pain Coach Review – Is Ian Hart’s Exercises Scam?

my back pain coach

Sciatica is one of the worst health conditions that a person can get. I have first-hand experience with it. I have also been struggling a lot to overcome the health condition. Eventually, I discovered an effective approach, which everyone can follow to get rid of the pain.

When I was looking for a sciatica treatment, I discovered that a large number of people who live across the world are going through the frustration associated with this health condition. This gave me the motivation to note down all of my findings, so that any person can follow it and get rid of the unbearable pain!

With my husband hiking ?

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Linda and I’m in my 40s. I’m not much of an active person. 

I believe that’s the main reason why I became a victim of sciatica. It was the worst pain that I have experienced in my life.

I was always on pain and I consumed a lot of painkillers with the objective of overcoming it. Due to the sciatica pain, my movements were limited to the home.

I couldn’t walk for long distances. Even when I went shopping, I returned back home quickly because I couldn’t bear the pain.

Six months back, my sciatica pain turned worse. I couldn’t even sit properly because of this pain. I was experiencing sciatic nerve pain, even while I was lying on bed. To add on, I started feeling numbness on the legs as well. I was extremely worried with this health condition. My worst fear was that I didn’t want to go for a complex surgery. 

I soon started searching online for products, which I can try out in order to overcome the pain. I didn’t want to spend my life taking painkillers.

I want to look for a complete cure to get rid of my sciatica pain…

During the time where I searched online to overcome sciatica pain, I tried many different methods. They include Meds such as Tramacet and Lyrica, rehab and chiropractic care. I spent a lot of time on these treatment options as well.

Unfortunately, nothing could help me to overcome the sciatica pain. Appointments and appointments got me so sick that I decided to abandon it.

Just when I thought I would never have a chance to jump around with my 2 kids, live an active lifestyle, tears started rolling down my cheeks, regretting the times when I could spend time with them but I didn’t’…

In my search, I found this amazing product named My Back Pain Coach recommended by a long-term sciatica patient in a pain relief forum.

While I was going through the online forums, I came across hundreds of solutions recommended by people. I noticed that most of them have specifically recommended this product named My Back Pain Coach. Those recommendations convinced me to go ahead and try out the program on my own.

I was really very hesitant… “Nothing works…Not again…”, I thought to myself. But in the back of my mind, I heard a voice telling me, “What if this time it works? Will you want to miss this opportunity to move around freely with ease?” Without a thought I knew I would regret for not trying and the consequences of not trying really outweigh everything….

I went for it…

This was one of the best decisions that I have taken in my life… it actually got me out from sciatica. I was able to overcome the sciatica pain within a very short period of time.

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How Did My Back Pain Coach Got Me Out Of Sciatica?

My journey with mybackpaincoach was an adventurous one. This helped me to overcome one of the biggest issues I faced in the entire life.

My Back Pain Coach is a comprehensive guide. The best thing about this program is that it has been written by a professional doctor who experienced back pain named Dr.Ian Hart. The method he followed has provided effective results. That has tempted him to go ahead and compile this program, so that others will also be benefited by the content that they can see.

My Back Pain Coach follows a unique approach when helping individuals to overcome the sciatica pain. It focus sorely on bringing back the natural balance our body unknowingly had lost in a natural way. As a result, I didn’t come across any side-effects while I was following the program. My body hasn’t been feeling so relax after following through the program.

What is the secret behind My Back Pain Coach that works so well?

Ian designed it with eight highly effective natural movements to follow. All I did was to follow those movements progressively. At first i worried that i couldn’t follow through, surprisingly my back didn’t feel any pain. 16 minutes a day is all that is needed in order to bring back our natural back healing process.

The movements recommended by My Back Pain Coach were illustrated in a clear manner. The online video tutorials was there to guide us along when I was trying to figure out the content. So following through wasn’t an issue. It was actually fun and exciting, knowing that my body was improving. From the moment I started following these movements, my muscles really felt way different, and i knew they were getting activated to overcome the imbalances. 

Finally!” I said, to myself. I knew in my heart my sciatica will be gone. I never felt so confident before.

Below mentioned is a quick overview of the 8 movements that are recommended by the program. 

(Warning: What i experienced may be different from person to person! And this is after I have been following the treatment for 2 weeks!)

The first movement is all about activating the body muscles. I was taught that imbalanced muscles are the main cause behind sciatica pain. To prepare the body to overcome this pain, it is important to create a proper balance in between the muscles. That’s’ where this step comes into play.

On the second movement, more attention are placed towards the hip muscles. Hip muscles are vital to our posture and movement. It is very important to strengthen and correct it for our legs to move with balance . 

From the third movement, I noticed how my body prepare itself to go through the treating process. I felt warm in my back. It is somehow like there were new blood vessels in my back, providing warm and comfort to alleviate the sciatica pain. 

By the fourth movement, my lower spine no longer feel the numbness if i sat for a long period. I believe this was due to the extra flow of blood activated by the exercise and it carries along more oxygen cells and nutrients. 

During the fifth movement, special attention was placed towards the lower region of the body. This is to decompress the lower region of the spine, mainly around the hip. In fact, like i have mentioned, i was already feeling the relief on the fourth healing movement. The tension simply disappeared. I absolutely enjoyed the feeling I receive during this progress. 

When I came to the sixth movement, I felt like i can sense the back beautifully aligned. Back muscle should be stronger by now, i supposed this is the reason why.

On the seventh movement, I was able to stabilize my hips along with the spine. The best thing about this step was that it promoted natural pain relief by aligning the hips to the right position. That was a great feeling because i’m excited to run and play with my kids again!

The last movement was all about compressing the spine. However, the spine was compressed in a gentle manner. The purpose is to bring stability so that the pain will not come back again. It also felt like someone was there massaging it from the inside. I felt very positive.

It only took me 16 minutes a day to go through these 8 steps and able to experience the positive results after weeks. It is simple to follow, and easy to stick with. I know the frustration we all felt when the pain is there and we want to do even more things.

Many people have went through the program with smile on their face. I really highly  recommend My Back Pain Coach to all people who are dealing with the frustration associated with back pain.

Some questions regarding Ian’s My Back Pain Coach program

The training videos provided by My Back Pain Coach were amazing. Like i mentioned, following through was easy. What was really different about this program, is that i was able to experience relieve in a short period of time. This gave me the motivation to carry on with the course.

Thankfully, the program doesn’t need any complicated equipment. I could easily perform them at the comfort of my own home. I didn’t have to go to any other place, such as the gym. Whenever I feel that following through the 8 movements to relieve the sciatica nerve pain, I was able to do it right away. 

The videos provided by My Back Pain Coach cover the complete sequence. The videos are being supported by well-defined diagrams, which really helps to provide a complete picture of the healing process. I took print out of these diagrams and started following them because they were extremely helpful.

With My Back Pain Coach, there is a possibility to receive one on one coaching as well. I tried the consultation. Ian was really professional. That’s where I got the motivation to stick to this program and eventually got rid of my sciatica back pain.

Pros of My Back Pain Coach

  • My Back Pain Coach is an effective and a proven method available to get rid of sciatica pain.
  • It provides natural treatment options.
  • I only had to spend 16 minutes a day to follow the program and end up with positive results.
  • I could take part in the movements recommended by My Back Pain Coach at the comfort of my own home.
  • I didn’t experience any side effects after following what is recommended by My Back Pain Coach.

Cons of My Back Pain Coach

  • The program didn’t come in the form of a hard copy book, which I’m used to reading hard covers.

Where to buy My Back Pain Coach?

I purchased it with a deal. This got me up to 75% OFF. I guess i was really lucky.

I’m not sure if the deal is still going on, but this is where i got my coupon deal at 75% OFF. Remember to click on “Activate” to receive the discount offer.

Or you can get it from the official website here.

Even if the deal has ended, i personally believe that the benefits delivered by the program outweigh a price tag. To be able to walk painlessly again, and have fun, there isn’t a price tag that can exchange for. 

My Conclusion

If you are struggling with any back or sciatica pain, just like I did in the past, look no further because this program has gotten many people out from sciatica in their lives.  You just need to go ahead and get your hands on the program. It can deliver amazing results to you within a short period of time. I am now pain-free, and enjoy running around and picnicking with my family. All thanks to Ian Hart. 

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