BEST Free Affiliate Marketing Training – My Online Startup Review

Seriously, this is the best free affiliate marketing training course online. My first perfect 5-star rating, hats off to the creator/tutor Chuck Nguyen. The following My Online Startup review may explain to you why it’s so good, but frankly, it’ll be quicker for you to sign up and witness it yourself. You will learn almost everything about affiliate marketing, and you won’t get the same quality of training anywhere else for free. At least I haven’t seen one yet.

Affiliate marketing is becoming more widely popular year on year, hence increasingly competitive. The expert marketers no longer make as much money as they used to, so they turn to teaching, create affiliate marketing training materials for newbies for a fee. Or fees. Some of them sneakily sell low-quality general guides for a low price, while some others stretch the content to make it appear to be more valuable and charge more. But the truth is, it’s not like there’s a variety of methods. It’s just affiliate marketing, the principles are all the same. 

What I’m trying to say is, affiliate marketing tutorial market is probably saturated. We should no longer pay to learn the basic how-to’s. Like we never pay to learn how to do well in a job interview. I believe Chuck Nguyen is the one to follow if you want to get yourself “started up online”.

My Online Startup Review

Product Name:My Online Startup
Type:Affiliate Marketing
Owner:Chuck Nguyen
Launched:June 2019
Price:Free (Upgrade option available for $147)

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What Is My Online Startup?

My Online Startup is one of the highest quality step-by-step free affiliate marketing courses in the world. It virtually covers everything about how to make money online by promoting other people’s products as an affiliate, from the fundamentals to deeper levels. The topics include;

  • Success philosophy and mindset
  • Profitable niches and how to find affiliate products
  • Lead generation and email marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Content marketing (importance of blogging)
  • Forum marketing
  • All about traffic (organic, solo ads, traffic networks)
  • Tracking conversions

The tutorials are almost entirely on video format but it allows you to leave a note for yourself on each screen. So you can type in important points to remember while watching the video at the same time, which I think is innovative.

It also recommends you all the tools you need – web hosting, WordPress themes and plugins, email marketing service (GetResponse), link tracking service (Clickmagick), and some of the most proven affiliate programs including ClickBank, Wealthy Affiliate, ClickFunnelsUdimi, etc.

BEST Free Affiliate Marketing Training: My Online Startup Review

The Creator – Chuck Nguyen Biography

Chuck Nguyen is a leading online entrepreneur based in Melbourne, Australia. He’s been constantly earning 6 figures in the past 5 years as an affiliate marketer himself. He previously owned an MLM scheme “Earn Easy Commissions” but since he’s been 100% focusing on teaching affiliate marketing on My Online Startup since June 2019.

Why Is My Online Startup So Good?

Why I consider it to be the best free affiliate marketing training course – frankly because it’s unbeatable quality, but I can think of 3 main reasons.

#1 It Allows You To Learn All The Way

Well you know, most of the free courses out there are “sneak previews”. They either let you take the overview or take the first few lessons, and you need to pay to take the rest of the course. Essentially, the first free part really is a sales funnel to the main part, so tutors are supposed to make it interesting in order to encourage the students to move on to the paid option. But for a student’s point of view, the free part can seem pretty underwhelming, or they often feel unconvinced to pay to learn any further when they haven’t made any profit themselves at that point.

With My online Startup, you’ll get to learn all the steps to actually make money from affiliate marketing for free. You’ll still have to pay for the tools (web hosting, email marketing service, etc, mentioned below), that’s inevitable. But you will receive “real” full-on training from this course for free.

#2 Chuck Nguyen Is A Great Teacher

Some video tutors talk a lot. But they often talk about concepts in general for too long, jump from one topic to another, or give examples that are difficult for the students to understand. I’d rather want to read a text version and pick up the important points myself than to watch a lengthy video tutorial with a lot of talking, wouldn’t you?

Now Chuck also talks a lot – each video tutorial is 20-40 minutes long – because he actually has a lot to tell you about. Each heading/point is numbered and is so clear. Each tutorial page has a popup window where a student can type in their own memo and save. Clearly, Chuck has created this course from a student’s point of view.

What I don’t think we should underestimate is Step 2, “Success Mindset”. Many online marketing training courses have a “mindset” section but most of the tutors, again, share their own view and that is it. Can still be motivational but they’re often not quite directly relatable to students. Whereas Chuck’s really at it – much more in detail. Practical. The section is actually useful. You watch the videos and see what I mean.

#3 Recommended Tools Are Good

Now, My Online Startup is a free course. You still have to pay to use necessary tools (web hosting, email marketing tool, link tracking tool) and pay for solo ad traffic if you want to see positive results quickly. 

Unlike many other online tutors, Chuck does not “recommend” expensive tools and some random solo ad sellers just because he’s affiliated to them. The tools he recommends are;

  • GetResponse – The cheapest email marketing service that free allows affiliate marketing.
  • Clickmagick – The most reliable, anti-spam link tracking service for a reasonable price.
  • Targeted solo ad sellers – He recommends 5 x trusted solo ad sellers. I know them all and I agree 100% that all of them are trustworthy.

I can see that Chuck is being truly transparent and helpful to you by recommending the most trusted services and to let you save your money as much as you can.

…And There’s One More Reason

So these are 3 reasons why I think My Online Startup is the best free affiliate marketing training course for you. You get to learn all the affiliate marketing techniques and secrets, from a good teacher, and also get to use the best tools to save time and money.

Chuck Nguyen is offering all these for free. You might think, then how does he make money from it? 

Well, he’s not a charity, neither anyone is. Technically, he can make affiliate commissions from the tools that he recommends throughout this training course, and of course he also sells the “Insider” mentoring program and done-for-you systems. 

But that’s not the point. Chuck is earning something a lot bigger than money by giving you the 100% help. Trust. He’s not interested in making short term profits by selling stuff in your face. And how about us? We get all this for free, and it’s up to us to take advantage of it and simply leave, or show our appreciation by returning something to him (i.e. pay him and/or spread the word). See what I mean? Chuck chooses to gain trust and respect now, and hence they will monetize him later.

That’s what I wanted to emphasize in this My Online Startup review. I think Chuck Nguyen is a leading creator and marketer in that respect. I think this is the direction others should follow.

My Online Startup proves that Chuck Nguyen is a leading creator and marketer. I think this is the direction others should follow. #OnlineMarketing #startup

The Course Contents

The course starts with Getting Started (the overview) so you know what you’re going to learn, and there are 9 steps/sections to look at. When you’ve completed each video tutorial, you can click the “Complete” button. So it enables you to skip the ones you don’t understand or have time to finish watching and come back later. It also enables you to see your progress at a glance on your dashboard. 

BEST Free Affiliate Marketing Training: My Online Startup Review

Step 1: The Gameplan

  1. The Game Plan – The big picture and the 9 components of a successful affiliate business.

Step 2: Success Mindset

  1. Mindset Is Everything – Understanding the power of your mindset, how you can overcome fears and develop your success mindset.
  2. Strong Personal Why – Why you need a determination to become successful. Discover your strong “why” that will force you to do it, and leverage that feeling.
  3. Clear Income Goal – How you create your income goal and why you need to do so.
  4. Powerful Self-Image – “You are who you think you are”. Create a new and more powerful self-image.
  5. Personal Success Formula – Create your personal success card and how you leverage it.
  6. 100X More Productive – 9 steps to organize your day. What you need to prioritize the most. An example of Chuck’s most typical day.
  7. My Success Philosophy – Your success is already guaranteed. Nothing will change unless you change.

Step 3: Affiliate Marketing

  1. Important Fundamentals – Why affiliate marketing is the way to go, how it works, and Chuck’s personal tips and tricks.
  2. Most Profitable Niches – What are niches and what are the niches that sell in affiliate marketing.
  3. Find Affiliate Products – How to find them in various ways.
  4. Pick Your One Product – Why it’s important to decide ONE product that you most recommend, and the criteria when picking the offer.
  5. Your Unfair Advantage – Chuck’s mentoring program can let you take bold steps to more income. 

Step 4: Lead Generation

  1. Super Affiliate Formula – Difference between “super” affiliate marketers and average affiliate marketers. A complete picture of a lead generation system. How you can use Chuck’s done-for-you system to skip all the tech stuff.
  2. Quality Lead Magnet – Everything you need to know about the lead magnet.
  3. Creating Capture Pages – Everything you need to know about lead capture pages.
  4. Automated Follow-Ups – The secret to maximizing your conversions.
  5. Track Your Conversions – The importance of tracking everything you do online and how you do it.
  6. Integrating Your System – How to integrate your lead generating system with your autoresponder and check to make sure that everything works.

Step 5: Authority Platform

  1. Importance Of A Blog – Why you must build your own authority blog and 5 x tips and tricks.
  2. Building Out Your Site – The components to building an authority blog and a step-by-step instruction using WordPress.
  3. Customizing Your Blog – Deeper instruction to use WordPress.
  4. Best Type Of Articles – The best articles to focus on for your blog, create your own list of common articles within your chosen niche, join Wealthy Affiliate and learn blogging tips further.
  5. Tips & Tricks To Writing – 7 x tips to write blog articles.
  6. Blog Post Checklist – Your live blog post is visible to the world; 8 points to check.
  7. Conclusion – Not to focus too much on SEO and backlinks, apply the compound effect for long term results, your blog is NOT your biggest asset.

Step 6: YouTube Marketing

  1. The Power Of YouTube – Everything you need to know about YouTube marketing.
  2. Setting Up Channel – Step by step to setting up your YouTube channel.
  3. Must-Have Resources – Screen recorder, royalty-free audio resources, What you can find from Fiverr.
  4. Best Types Of Videos – In-depth analysis of YouTube videos that attract popularity.
  5. Shooting And Editing – How to shoot videos using a phone or webcam. 
  6. Ranking Your Videos – YouTube SEO tips.

Step 7: Forum Marketing

  1. Quality Traffic Source – How to use Warrior Forum and how you can publish a good post.

Step 8: Targeted Solo Ads

  1. Easiest Traffic Method – How email traffic works, the importance of having a powerful lead generation system for it to work.
  2. Simple Udimi Network – Step by step to Udimi. How to research and find legitimate sellers and track your links.
  3. Reliable Solo Agency – How to use
  4. Trusted Solo Vendors – Igor Kheifets, Wayne Crow, Jasdeep Singh, Mark Eli, and Mark Lee. They’re all big-buck sellers, very friendly, helpful and trustworthy, renowned for providing responsive traffic.

Step 9: Traffic Networks

3 x free traffic exchange sites with paid options; 1. Leased Ad Space, 2. Infinity Traffic Boost and 3. LeadsLeap. How to use each network step-by-step.

The “Insider” (Upgrade) Option

If you’ve completed the free lessons, you may want to join the “Insider” program to receive more benefits, mostly by referring My Online Startup to others to earn big commissions. The program will cost you a one of fee of $147 but this is totally optional.

BEST Free Affiliate Marketing Training: My Online Startup Review
  • Unlimited Copy & Paste Campaigns
  • $100 Insider Commissions
  • $20 Done-for-you Blog Commissions
  • $10 Done-for-you System Commissions
  • $20 Learn to Earn Commissions
  • Forum Signature For Free Traffic
  • Lifetime Access To Product Library
  • Personalized Kickstart Gameplan
  • 100 Days Priority Support

Chuck promises that, if you become an Insider member, follow his proven strategies and don’t make $500 in the first days, he will send you $500 from his own pocket for wasting your time. So if you’re an action taker, joining the Insider program is definitely the way for you to move forward.

My Online Startup Pros and Cons


  • You will learn all about affiliate marketing for free.
  • The recommended tools are actually the best ones in the market.
  • All done-for-you service is available.
  • So much in detail but easy to understand. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on upgrade option.


  • Video-only tutorials (no transcript available.)

My Online Startup Review – Conclusion:

Paying for an affiliate marketing training course is so yesteryear. Anyone can start affiliate marketing and all the necessary techniques are available to learn all over the internet. But congrats and thanks to Mr. Chuck Nguyen, he’s created one place for all and made it available for free. This course will not only save you money but also has already saved your time for budget planning – “Should I buy this course or that course, can I afford it?”

I recommend you to join My Online Startup, the best free affiliate marketing training course right now, you’ll have nothing to lose but a lot of things to gain. And I mean it.

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