Stroke Of Genius Reviews. Astonishing Conversions For Women, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Stroke Of Genius Reviews – Let’s face it. Men love great hand jobs. However, the ugly truth is that most women are not good at giving hand jobs according to men. Even if you and your partner are having an amazing sex life, there comes the point where you as a woman won’t be in the mood to engage in sex with him. Besides, you may not have the time, but you want to help your partner to release some sexual tension.

Whether you are still striving to lose baby weight, experiencing cramps, you are not in the mood or don’t feel attractive anymore; there comes a time when you will have no option but to turn down, your partners need for sex. If you don’t feel like getting intimate, it doesn’t mean that you deny him the pleasure of releasing his sexual stress. Your pair of hands is ideal to help him relieve the pressure if you don’t want to have penetrative sex with him.

This review, therefore, sheds more light on the Stroke of Genius program that will teach you how to give awful handjobs that will ensure that your partner gets intense sexual pleasure without you having to remove your clothes to get close with him. Keep reading.

Stroke Of Genius Reviews. Astonishing Conversions For Women, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Stroke of Genius Overview

Stroke of Genius is an innovative a powerful and robust hand job handbook that aims to give women complete control over their male partner’s pleasure by teaching them incredible secrets about hand jobs and men that they won’t learn about anywhere. Learning how to give the excellent handjob takes time, persistence and skill which most women lack. Even if you have not been good at pleasing your man sexually over the years, this program will teach you how to make him physically and emotionally addicted to you using nothing but your hands. If your male partner is sexually satisfied all the time, the chances are that he will not cheat, he will give you all the attention that you need and he is very romantic. Without any doubt, the Stroke of Genius will offer you the spirit and power that you need to satisfy any man that you meet with only your hands.

Stroke Of Genius Reviews. Astonishing Conversions For Women, Art Comics Culture Weblog

About The Author

The brainchild behind the Stroke of Genius is Cassidy Lyon, a relationship expert that helped thousands of couples around the world get their relationship back on track. She developed this excellent program after experiencing the disappointment of giving a bad handjob first hand during her first date. However, this didn’t make her shy away from giving men hand jobs. Instead, she continued to research more about giving people remarkable hand jobs. After a year of understanding the male anatomy, in-depth research, testing and teasing she finally came up with this fantastic hand job handbook. She firmly believes that every woman can give excellent hand jobs and please their partner as long as they have an experienced hand like her to guide them through the process. The techniques she includes in this course have been proven to work efficiently on all men.

Stroke Of Genius Reviews. Astonishing Conversions For Women, Art Comics Culture Weblog

What You Learn With The Stroke Of Genius System?

  • The Accordion Technique: This method will help you master how to give your partner non-ejaculatory mini orgasms and has several grip categories that include soft, firm, hard or light stroke.
  • The Kiss Of The Fingernails Technique: This technique will let you learn how to give your man instant erections without touching him. Without a doubt, this technique will make him long for you.
  • The Prostate Percolator Technique: This method will let you introduce your man to an extraordinary level of masculine pleasure through rubbing and teasing his prostate. The degree of satisfaction that he will experience will make him ask for more.
  • The Masturbation Escape Plan: Is your man addicted to porn and masturbation? If so, relax! This technique is included in this fantastic course to free your man from his habit and get him pinned to your hands and attention. He will never watch porn again and will always think of you anytime he needs comfort once you use this technique on him.
  • Hands Off Hand Job Agreement: This technique is unique compared to those already mentioned because it requires the two of you to get into a contract that allows you to use male psychological triggers and hypnotic language to give him pleasure while he feels completely psychologically safe.

Other techniques that you will learn about include:

Stroke Of Genius Reviews. Astonishing Conversions For Women, Art Comics Culture Weblog
  • The soft pleasure method
  • Nook and cranny technique
  • The Victoria’s secret hand job
  • The piano man
  • The Firestarter
  • The tantalizing twister technique
  • The Dr. Spock technique
  • Scaling the mountain technique
  • Two hands on the wheel technique
  • Rub a tag method

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Pros Of Stroke of Genius

  • This course is exciting as it covers all the tips and techniques in a unique way that is meant to make the process of learning how to give overwhelming hand jobs fun.
  • This course contains step by step instructions that are easy to read and to master especially for women learning the act of giving mind boggling hand jobs for the first time.
  • This course will inspire you to give your man all the sexual pleasure that he fantasizes about even if you have been poor at pleasing him without removing your clothes.
  • Stroke of Genius is cheap, and this means that it is affordable to almost all women. Gone are the ages when you had to part with a fortune to learn how to please your man with powerful hand jobs.
  • Unlike other hand job handbooks available in this otherwise competitive industry, this course has been written by an expert.

Cons Of Stroke of Genius

  • You will need a few days to master the course, all the techniques and discover those that will make your man scream on top of his voice because of the satisfaction that gets. It’s not a quick fix.


Stroke Of Genius Reviews. Astonishing Conversions For Women, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Considering the thousands of rave reviews and women who credit the Stroke of Genius for changing their relationships for the better, it’s easy to tell why we recommend this program to any lady looking to understand the act of giving her partner intense pleasure through hand jobs and getting him caught on her love. Stroke of Genius is the ideal program for you who can’t have sex with your partner and would like him to become addicted to you because of the earth shuttering pleasure that you give him with the hand jobs. The good thing about the course is that it comes with a 60-day money back promise that allows you to reclaim your money back if you feel it fail to meet your expectations. Order your copy today and begin transforming your sexual life on the right foot!

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