The Lost Ways Review. Don’t Buy It Until You See This

by Jack D.khan
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The lost ways 2 The Best Survivalist Guide by Claude Davis

History and experience have taught us that anything, whether positive or negative can happen at any time. Most people currently living in the United States have never experienced war or suffered a lack of food, water, or access to healthcare. Taking a look at our history, it is accurate to say that we are living in the best time possible where we have access to all modern conveniences that make our life better and easier. In this article, I will present you with an honest review of a book or rather a program called The Lost Ways authored by Claude Davis. The Lost Ways review will deduce whether the solutions and ideas presented by the author are practical and whether it is worth the readers’ time to go through the program.

The Lost Ways Review By Claude Davis

The Lost Ways Review - DON'T BUY IT Until You See This

The Lost Ways is an elaborate program aimed at helping people prepare for the worst-case scenarios typically characterized by natural disasters, social and political unrest, and diminished resources. The author achieves this by taking us back to how our forefathers managed to not only survive but also thrive despite the challenges they faced during their times, including the lack of modern conveniences such as piped water, cars, and electricity, among others.

This 350-page book gives the reader a plethora of effective ancient survival techniques that will not only help you keep your family safe, but also help those around you to survive. Moreover, these skills are also valuable in the present life by helping you cut costs on maintenance, food, and lifestyle.

About The Author – Claude Davis

About The Author - Claude Davis

Claude Davis is a survival expert with over 30 years of experience. More interesting, he does walk his talk; an aspect that makes his work more credible. He lives with his family in a self-built log cabin in the woods, cooks his meals on an open fire, and also wears hand-made clothes. After consulting many survival experts, studying numerous papers, and borrowing from his personal experience, Claude Davis was able to create an insightful and compelling resource that puts together an array of survival secrets and techniques.

The Idea Behind The Lost Ways

The author believes that the United States and the world at large are changing, and this is not for the better. He also believes that natural disasters are inevitable, but unfortunately, American society has become too complacent due to easy access to modern conveniences that have made their lives too easy and comfortable. Society has forgotten the secrets and the techniques that our ancestors used to survive and even thrive through disasters such as wars, famine, diseases, economic crises, and drought.

Technology and modern amenities have protected us from such disasters. However, there is no guarantee that things will remain in this status forever. Sooner or later, people will have to contend with harsh conditions that will change how they lead their lives. Fortunately, The Lost Ways Book is here to teach you how to stay prepared to face a disaster to ensure that you survive despite any external conditions and threats.

What Will You Learn In The Lost Ways System?

There are three main areas covered in The Lost Ways Book:

  • How to be ready and how to stay prepared: This guide shares precise details on how to prepare for the inevitable, including nuclear war or winter, a zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, floods, earthquakes, fires, and tornadoes among others. Staying prepared will ensure that you never get caught off-guard.
  • Proactive measures to take: These measures one needs to take to minimize losses when calamity occurs.
  • Self-preservation skills: A big chunk of the book focuses on how to survive the aftermath of a disaster

Guidelines on How to Survive a Disaster

  • Learn the ancient techniques of making poultices
  • How you can collect and preserve clean water safely without spending cash.
  • How to prepare and store nutritious food for days, months, and years using common ingredients
  • Build an underground house just like the Native Americans.
  • How to catch different animals during winter and also how to build foolproof animal traps
  • Build homemade weapons, ammo, and equipment.
  • How to cook meat using a traditional smokehouse and how to smoke fish.
  • Mastering traditional medicine to heal wounds, infections, and diseases

Three Basic Rules Taught In The Lost Ways

Every method in The Lost Ways program revolves around three basic rules:

  • Do not take anything for granted: When disaster strikes, the prevailing psychology is ?? everyman for himself. This means that for you to survive, you need the necessary skills to deal with the circumstances at the individual level.
  • Learn from history: Experience has shown that history often repeats itself and those that do not learn from it often repeat the same mistakes. History has shown that in an event of a disaster, those that do not have the necessary survival skills perish.
  • Man has the ability to control his destiny: Man need not always be a victim of circumstances; he can as well create unique circumstances to thrive.


Three Basic Rules Taught In The Lost Ways

The Lost Ways program also comes with two extras. One focuses on teaching the readers to create their own gardens with essential foods that can thrive in some of the harshest conditions. The other helps the reader to learn how to easily create a ?? Can Rotation System’.

Highlights of the Lost Ways Guide

  • An important thing to note is that The Lost Ways is not a one-man’s show. Various survival skills are taught by different expert survivalists who apply these skills in their daily life. As such, their ability to practically apply these skills in the current environment makes this program credible.
  • Though comprehensive, it is easy to read and understand.
  • Offers value for money: When compared to other survival programs, this book can be considered affordable. Moreover, the benefits that accrue from the skills learned are worth the price tag.
  • Helps build an all-around person because it covers a wide array of topics including shelter, electricity, water, food, and appliances, among others.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.
  • It promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging the readers to consume natural healthy foods prepared with healthy cooking methods.
  • Helps in cutting costs in our daily lives: Bear in mind that this guide does not advocate for the money system and thus presents cheaper alternatives of enjoying life.


Not all that is taught in this guide is practical in the modern environment. Moreover, it doesn’t offer immediate results. It presents skills that need to be learned over time which requires discipline.

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