TradeMiner Review. How Good Is This Software And Is it Legit?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

This is a stock analysis software that scans for historically profitable trends, and market cycles. TradeMiner provides stocks, futures, and Forex traders with entry and exit strategies based on these historically repeating cycles and trends. The neat thing about this trading software is it uses history to scan for the future. That means it will always have information available for you. Want to hear more? Continue reading this Trademiner review. We also talk about whether this software is a scam.

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What Exactly is TradeMiner.?

TradeMiner, designed by American tech company Gecko Software, is a consumer software that is operable on computers running Windows, OS X, or Linux operating systems. Using Trademiner, an investor can look up the trading histories of stocks and futures and Forex track and identify trends of trading entities, historical events that have influenced the growth or shrinking of markets, reaching back over thirty years of recorded data.

There are three different versions of TradeMiner: Futures, Stocks, and Forex (these are three different types of trades). “It is an excellent tool to use in your trading if you use the program for what it was intended.”

TradeMiner Review. How Good Is This Software And Is it Legit?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Troubles of Desktop Trading Software

The one thing which has prevented desktop trading software from ever really taking hold is the sheer volume of data which needs to be analyzed each and every time a prediction is made. In order to limit the processing power required to a point where modern servers (and some of the newest laptops/desktops) can cope with the workload, the amount of data analyzed by the algorithms needs to be relatively small.

How TradeMiner Works

Trademiner builds a portfolio for its users, allowing them to catalog their activity as investors and compare them to search inquiries. Futures and Forex are set up quite similarly, where the layout and portfolio is simple to understand and navigate, and the search option functions identical to that of stocks, simply enter your inquiry and filter through the results to make a decision as to how you should trade or should not trade.

TradeMiner Features

The cost of TradeMiner includes data for 600+ stocks, 25+ forex pairs, and nearly every tradable commodity. TradeMiner is a very affordable option for those traders wishing to identify short-to-intermediate-term trading opportunities based on past price history.

Settings on Trademiner allows the user to filter search results by desired trading markets (S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and many others). It’s a collection of data points and historical reference that can train an investor to become more knowledgeable in the realm of trading and selling stocks.

TradeMiner Review. How Good Is This Software And Is it Legit?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

TradeMiner gives you a lot of data about the selected trade including:

  • Calendar days
  • Years of backtesting
  • Risk to reward
  • Average daily profit
  • Maximum drawdown
  • Is TradeMiner a Worthwhile Data Mining Program?

TradeMiner lives up to its name as a data mining program. These include the minimum and maximum length of the pattern, the % success rate (how often that period of time would have resulted in a winning trade), the minimum gain to be considered a winning trade and even the month of year for the trade to occur. The data mining aspect of TradeMiner can search in two modes: By particular security, or by month. For those traders who are indifferent to what securities they trade, using the “month” search would make more sense. (All things being equal, a shorter trade is considered preferable.)

After mining for trades and viewing the results, the program then has the ability to create a portfolio of any chosen subset of the results. For example, within the Stocks module you could create a grouping of technology stocks (and any other sector), or a set of stocks that are in your current portfolio with the anticipation of selling them in the future – using TradeMiner to find the optimal dates.

Is This Forex Trading Software Worth My Time?

This is a great stock market analysis software since Forex, futures, and stocks traders can use it. This makes it very unique compared to other stock analysis software currently on the market. There are also 3 different products that you can buy. There is the Futures, Stocks, and Forex products. The best part of all is they are 50% off from their original price. If you were to buy all of them you also save money!

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How Much Does TradeMiner Cost?

If you purchase only one product, you would pay $97. If you were to buy all of them (Futures, stocks, and Forex) you would pay only $194. They are usually $194 each! There are tremendous savings with these products.


I found a really compelling testimonial. I recommend you take your time and read through it.


The installation of TradeMiner could not be simpler. For more specific user support, the developers of Gecko are available via toll-free telephone and email.

TradeMiner Review. How Good Is This Software And Is it Legit?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

So is TradeMiner a Scam?

So if the question is “Does Trade Miner work?” or not, the answer is definitely yes, it does, and almost all modern home computers can cope with its installation requirements. Gecko Software’s TradeMiner is the unique trading program that is at once intuitive, comprehensive and highly user-friendly. This product offers a great futures, stocks, and Forex trading system and should be considered to add to your arsenal. It is a very unique stock analysis software compared to other software on the market today. Gecko, the company who created this analysis software, has won many awards for their products. To sum this up, this isn’t a TradeMiner scam in any way. It is recommended that you give it a try. Read more by visiting their website TradeMiner.

Benefits for Swing Traders

I think the best way for swing traders to use TradeMiner is to run a scan for the month and add all of the stocks that it returns to a watch list. You should buy and sell stocks based on your own trading strategy.

Pros of TradeMiner

For such a useful piece of software, one would expect Trademiner to require a sizable amount of the user’s hard drive, but the opposite is true. Combine these with a money-back guarantee against the usefulness of the Trademiner Software, and you have a company willing to bet the customer that they’ve crafted a quality product.

Another advantage lies in the idea that the program uses the history of the stock market to back up the picks it tells you to support. While this may include many businesses and stocks, it still doesn’t capture everything.

Cons of TradeMiner

While streamlining is a good thing, allowing anyone to dive right in and use software without having to go through labor-intensive reading to understand how to use it, it comes with the unintended side-effect of attracting too many new users. This program, like any other investment software, is simply a reference tool to be used with many others for investors to learn about trends before trading.

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TradeMiner Review. How Good Is This Software And Is it Legit?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

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TradeMiner Review. How Good Is This Software And Is it Legit?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

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