Turbulence Training Review. Can Craig Ballantyne Help You Lose Fat?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

For you to be able to come across a program that is guaranteed to work for everyone, you will have searched far and wide. A program that will work for you as the beginner, you as an intermediate, and also work for you if you are quite advanced as far as working out is concerned. A great deal of the fitness programs you will come across on the internet today is focused on only two types of individuals. The beginners and the ones trying to move their fitness a level higher.

For the rest of us who are intermediates of the two, we often find ourselves lacking a program that is created for us. We might have worked out for a while, but we are not fit as they assume us to be and not joining workouts for the advanced anytime soon.

So where do we turn to? Turbulence Training is just where. Versatility is but one of the things you will find in the program. A program that is designed for anyone regardless of their fitness level.

Turbulence Training Review. Can Craig Ballantyne Help You Lose Fat?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Turbulence Training Review – Does It Really Work?

We work out with various objectives at the back of our minds. While some wish to lose excess body weight, others are doing workouts in order for them to keep fit. Working out has become to a great extent, part and parcel of our daily lives. More of a habit we find ourselves accustomed to.

The product we are going to review today is based on this aspect of our daily lives. Working out. A product that can actually help you realize your workout goals. Turbulence Training.

Turbulence Training Review. Can Craig Ballantyne Help You Lose Fat?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

About The Product: Turbulence Training

With Turbulence Training, you get a product that will take a fairly distinct approach as far as building muscle, losing weight and general body fitness at large are concerned.

You might have come across other reviews of lengthy and complicated Health Ambition programs. I must admit, there are quite a number of reviews on the same. This product here is nothing at all like those. It has made a great effort to be simple and very brief.

From that alone, we can actually rank the product among the greatest choice you can ever make. Let us take an even deeper look into the product through the review.

The Creator

Turbulence Training Review. Can Craig Ballantyne Help You Lose Fat?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Turbulence Training is the work of a person named Craig Ballantyne. Wondering who Craig is? He is certified as a coach in strength and conditioning and carries a lot in terms of years of experience in aiding athletes in getting in shape. As a case example, he was able to help the Canadian National Rugby Team in their preparation for the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

He has also done some extensive writing which includes a chapter in the textbook International Youth Coaching Association certification that touches on coaching. Additionally, he has also been able to write for Men’s Health, Maximum Fitness, Men’s Fitness, and Oxygen alongside many other magazines.

You will also find him on the Training Board of Advisors for the magazine, Men’s Fitness and monthly columnist. It is clearly visible that his credentials are bona fide. So when he put the program, Turbulence Training, before you, you should be able to embrace it. Get it and make notes.

Inside The Program

You make up your mind and decide buying the product is what is best for you. Certainly, this is a great move. So what is it that you get upon opening the book? Definitely, you should not be expecting a scam. What you will find is a simplified manuscript.

In terms of graphics and art, what you get is very minimal. What you get is more text. With this feature, all possible distractions are done away with as you major your focus on the pith of the content. Straight to the point.

The beginning is marked with all typical disclaimers like getting the go-ahead from your doctor before you set on the program. It is worth noting that you will require to have a checkup. The intensity of this program is assured to push your body to extremes. If you have some issues with your health, it is of importance that you are checked out to be cleared by your doctor beforehand.

A feature that I liked in this program is that there is close to no “fluff” text at all that introduces the program that explains the background or the marketing content you come across in other programs. The author goes straight to the beneficial stuff.

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Choice of Food

The page, Good vs Bad Food Choices, has plenty of information on the good as well as the bad choices of food that you can make. The good food choices options that are listed include;

  • Chips and cookies
  • Coffee and drinks
  • Lean proteins.
  • Low-fat dairy.
  • Whole, natural foods.
  • Snacks rich in fiber.
  • Green tea.

On the flip side, the bad food choices that you may make are also highlighted. These include;

  • Chips and cookies.
  • Coffee and soft drinks.
  • Refined flour products.
  • Anything fatty.
  • Processed foods.
  • Sweet treats and candies.
  • Starchy carbs.

Turbulence Training Guidelines

Turbulence Training Review. Can Craig Ballantyne Help You Lose Fat?, Art Comics Culture Weblog

In this section, some guidelines that you would want to follow if taking the Turbulence Training program, are detailed. They clarify the program and include the following;

  • 12 weeks into the Turbulence Training workouts have a break of 1 week in order to allow your body recovery time.
  • Perform a workout a month before changing to a different one.
  • 3 days a week should train regular workouts and intervals trained the other 3 days.
  • The two workouts should be alternated to ensure an even workout for the month.
  • Before any workout, you should ensure you warm up.

Pros Of Turbulence Training

  • Very brief. When you take a look in other reviews, you will realize rambles. They are more into their fitness journey trying to approach the reader by means such as humor. Of course, this is not wrong. But it does interfere with getting to the pith of the quality content. This program is short and concise taking you straight to the point.
  • Structure of the workouts. Different from other workouts that have you to spend numerous times at the gym, these workouts have a structure to take you through them and be done in 30 minutes at most.
  • Convenience. So you do not have that time for you to attend a gym. With this program, you can also be able to do the workouts at home or in the office. You do not necessarily have to go to the gym.
  • The workouts. Making use of interval training of high intensity in your workouts can prove to be very effective. This has shown that high-intensity interval training workouts boost weight loss and fat burning which is the core of the program.

Cons Of Turbulence Training

  • Somehow empty Majority of space in the book contains white space and text with minimal images and graphics. Low quality and small images are used. This makes the program end up looking like an eBook assembled by someone without design knowledge.

Final Verdict

Turbulence Training will provide lifestyle solutions and workouts to you as a busy man or woman in need of a life transformation. From the strong combination of simple nutrition, social support, and short but effective workouts, the program will empower you to live the life you desire.

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