Ultimate Small Shop Guide Review – Can This Guide Help You To Build A Good Wood Work Business?

If you are planning on setting up a woodworking shop, it is important to know which mistakes to avoid. There are a lot of things people do wrong when setting up this type of shop, and it is important that you know what they are. The Ultimate Small Shop is a comprehensive guide for woodworkers that features all kinds of useful information. You can use this guide to get the workshop you have always wanted without any regrets later on.

Ultimate Small Shop Guide Review – Can This Guide Help You To Build A Good Wood Work Business?

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Table of Contents

What is the Ultimate Small Shop?

The Ultimate Small Shop guide is made of numerous sections that will teach you how to put together a workshop that you can really be proud of.

  • Bad Tools

Part of this guide includes a section on which tools you should avoid. A few of the tools that this guide recommends staying away from are the Delta 31-255x Drum Sander, the Ryobi Detail Sander, and the Harbor Freight 6” Jointer. When you know which tools and equipment not to have in your workshop, you can reduce the chance of making huge mistakes.

  • Tools to buy

You will learn about the tools that you SHOULD buy for your workshop. The creator of this guide gives you his own personal hand-tool only shopping list. This will make choose the right tools for the job a whole lot easier. There is another power tool shopping list that you will undoubtedly get a lot of use from as well.

  • Ways to lose money on tools

There are also a number of ways to lose money on tools that you should stay away from. People tend to spend way too much on tools, and these tips can help you save money when putting together your new workshop.

  • How to Save Money on Tools

Another part of this comprehensive guide will give you tips on how to get tools at huge discounts. If you want to save as much money as possible, you should give this section a careful read. There is a whole list of suppliers that offer cheap discounted high-quality tools.

  • Space Selection

The Space Selection module in this guide will give you detailed information on how to properly space out your new workshop. This is something that a lot of people ,mess up on, and it can lead to big regrets soon after you are finished.

  • Safety

The Safety module of this guide will help you avoid minor and serious injuries in your workshop. This is something that everyone can benefit from.

  • Electricity, Lighting, and Sound Proofing

There is another section that teaches you everything you need to know about lighting, electricity and even sound proofing for your new workshop. These can all be very tricky things, but this guide gives you detailed step-by-step advice and information.

  • Shop Layouts
Ultimate Small Shop By Ralph Chapman Setting Up a Small Woodworking Shop - Woodworking Workshop Guide

The Shop Layouts section of this guide will help you design the perfect layout for your new work space. These layouts are ideal for shops that are going to be 10’ x 10’ or under. You will learn a special “doorway trick” that can make designing and building your workshop a whole lot easier. The layout of your workshop is very important, so you definitely want to give this section of the guide its due attention. It can help you avoid some pretty serious mistakes.


You will receive a couple bonus materials with this guide, including The Workshop Cheat List and the Deal Alert Service. These resources will tell you how to get the very best deals online for tools and lumber.

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Benefits of the Ultimate Small Shop Guide

  • Those who purchase the Ultimate Small Shop guide will have a much easier time building their workshop. It features detailed information from an experienced woodworker. This means that you can count on it to help you through every step of this big project. It covers just about everything you could possibly want to know. Everything is worded very simply, so you shouldn’t have any problems understanding it.

Drawbacks of the Ultimate Small Shop Guide

  • This guide is fairly large and can take a while to read through completely. You need to devote a decent amount of time to reading all of the materials that are included, but it is well worth it.

Customer Reviews

A lot of people who have bought the Ultimate Small Shop guide are very happy with it. Many reviewers comment on this guide, saying that it helped them avoid numerous mistakes that could have cost them a lot of money. There are also people who didn’t have much experience with big projects like this that said the guide made it very easy for them. You will be hard-pressed to find many negative reviews of this product.


The Ultimate Small Shop guide costs a total of $39, which is pretty amazing when you consider all of the resources it offers. You can pay for it with any major credit card or via PayPal. This is definitely one of the better deals available for those who plan on building their own workshop. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so it is literally a risk-free purchase.

Who Should Buy the Ultimate Small Shop Guide?

Anyone who is planning on building their own workshop should look into buying this guide. It is even ideal for those who have never taken on a project like this in the past. Everything is worded in a very straightforward and easy-to-understand way. If you are a little bit hesitant about building a workshop, this guide can be of great use.

Final Thoughts

There may be a number of other guides that you can purchasing for building and stocking a workshop, but none of them are quite as good as the Ultimate Small Shop. This guide is impressively comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics. You will learn how to save money on tools, space out your workshop properly, and even get steep discounts on lumber. It is the perfect choice for those who want to create their own space at home for woodworking projects.

8.5 TOTAL SCORE : Excellent!

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Ultimate Small Shop By Ralph Chapman Setting Up a Small Woodworking Shop - Woodworking Workshop Guide

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