Patent Pending Biz Opp. Bryan Winters’ Diddly Pay, Art Comics Culture Weblog

You are probably part of the majority who want to have a steady stream of income. After all, money helps and solves many problems and needs. But is there really a way to earn income online and achieve financial freedom? Time to find out!

I’m going over a new CB product called Diddly Pay – a Patent Pending Biz Opp (patent pending cloud-based software application) and expose what it is actually delivering and whether it is worth getting. You will learn about the teaching style of the program and what exactly it offers in my Diddly Pay review, so read on for the information on this program so that you can assess whether it is the right one for you.

Patent Pending Biz Opp. Bryan Winters’ Diddly Pay, Art Comics Culture Weblog

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What is the Diddly Pay and How Does it Work?

The program claims to have patent-pending software that has been rigorously tested and proven to divert online traffic, leads, commissions, and sales in whatever online niche you decide to target. Also, it claims that it is easy to use software where you don’t have to spend hours trying to get free traffic or spending a lot of money to get paid traffic.

It is claimed to be an innovative product that has been filed for intellectual property rights and has been patent pending. The software is cloud-based so you can access it by logging into the vendor area after purchasing the product and therefore it works on any device including your phone and operating system including Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Ultimately, the program says that by pasting a single simple button that they provide you online, you can easily create an email list that will allow you to have unlimited scalable income. If you’re wondering what Diddly Pay with email list means, well, this is actually a very popular internet marketing concept and one of the most important concepts that enable many to build a long-term sustainable business.

The idea of ​​creating an email list is so that you can get an email list of people who are interested in products related to the niche you are targeting (e.g. basketball or immune system healing etc) so that have a list that you can periodically market to. Email marketing is powerful because if you have a list of thousands of people who signed up because they were interested in what you were offering, then you can simply market products related to the niche and earn thousands with the click of a button. This is a true and proven way to market products and it is very powerful.

What Diddly Pay says is that they have a viral social checkout button that you can easily copy and paste resulting in free traffic, email leads, and thus unlimited income for you. This button can be pasted on any product page you decide to promote. If you’re wondering where and what products to promote, one thing to keep in mind is that Diddly Pay is more for the middle marketer who already knows what they’re doing, but it’s also available for beginners to get started if you decide to do outside research. in addition to the program. The idea is to send some traffic to the product page that contains this button so that you can build traction and start making your page go viral.

This system and program were created by Diddly Pay developers Bryan Winters and Tom. And those who claim that this button is the viral money button and seem to have their patent pending as a sign of trust for what they think they have.

Who is Bryan Winters, the Creator of Diddly Pay?

Bryan Winters is an internet marketer who claims to have found an almost magical way to earn money online through simple button technology. He claims that he worked on cruise ships, 5-star resorts, Disney World, and Hawaii as part of his online lifestyle.

He used to work in a factory making $ 12 an hour and was laid off. He was also divorced twice and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result. Through this, he claims that he suffered from many mental health issues ranging from anxiety to general health issues. He found that money, and much of it ended up being the solution for him in life to face many of his problems.

Bryan Winters claims that he had helped many others earn 5-7 figure online income with software and systems through him and his team, on which they developed from scratch.

Do I Need My Own Products?

Bryan Winters’ patent pending Diddly Pay Biz Opp does not require you to have your own products. In fact, it provides a fully built “Made for You” online business that includes an integrated product with a 100% commission so you don’t have to work on promoting products with a 20% commission on CB. There is also another product, which pays recurring monthly commissions if you promote it. You can basically use Diddly Pay to create as many campaigns as you want and even use it for your own products if you want.

What skill level do I need to have to use the Diddly Pay?

Patent Pending Biz Opp. Bryan Winters’ Diddly Pay, Art Comics Culture Weblog

Click Here For Instant Access To The Official Site

Diddly Pay makes it so that any internet marketer of any level can jump in and start using. This means that if you are a total beginner to internet marketing or a total newbie, then you can still use the concepts taught in the course effectively. As such, if you are an experienced internet marketer, you may also find that using the button provided by Diddly Pay will be very helpful in your own revenue stream development campaigns.

Is support provided when purchasing the program?

Support is offered Monday through Friday through their ticket center, which can be accessed after logging into the provider’s login panel. So if you have any questions or problems with the program, they will be able to help you.

Are Bonuses or Discounts offered?

Yes, bonuses are offered that have a very high value. All of these bonuses can be combined with the original program, Diddly Pay, to increase program earnings. For example, DFY Web Funnel and Product is a web funnel made for you and an integrated product created in-house by a team of converting experts, allowing you to receive direct payments in as little as 5-10 minutes after logging in to your Diddly Pay provider account.

A Quick Overview of the Bonuses:

  1. An unlimited Diddly Pay provider account (valued at $ 564)

You’ll be able to generate unlimited Diddly Pay buttons and campaigns in minutes that can be easily copied and pasted into your business.

  1. Diddly Pay DFY Web Funnel + Product ($ 397 value)

If you are not a product owner, Diddly Pay allows you to work in any niche and have your own full-scale product and web funnel to go with you ready and set up when you log in.

  1. Unlimited Free DP Market Traffic (Valued at $ 1,500 +)

This is a free bonus that Bryan Winters included, making it possible for them to automatically list your Diddly Pay campaigns in your marketplace, resulting in free traffic generated on autopilot for your business.

By adding all these values, you will get a package with a total value of $ 2,461. In the actual program itself, you can expect to pay a recurring monthly payment of $ 31.22 CAD or around $ 20 USD per month, which is very affordable. So no discounts are offered, but with the bonuses and the very affordable monthly cost, it’s a very affordable program overall.

In addition, the program offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 14 days. Although it appears on the site as a 30-day money-back guarantee as shown, it is in fact a 14-day money-back guarantee, so make sure if you feel like you didn’t like the program, contact support. Diddly Pay center within 14 days.


Everyone aspires to have time and financial freedom and what better way to get closer to that goal than to get things going. The Internet business can help you achieve that goal and with Diddly Pay you are equipped with a tool that makes it easy for you to start and build your own business with a magic button.

Click Here For Instant Access To The Official Site

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